Kriegbaum and Sons started business in 1886 in one corner of the Shearer warehouse on the banks of the old canal. When business expanded in 1895, they moved to 430 Warren Street. This building at 214-224 East Franklin Street was started in 1905 and was first occupied in April 1907. It continued here until they closed their doors in 1975.

In 1975 Smith Furniture purchased the Kriegbaum Building and bean using it in multiple ways. Third floor housed the Smith family's antique automobile collection. Cars were moved to that level in an 18 foot freight elevator that the Kriegbaums had used to move farm implements to various floors of the building. Smith's furniture warehouse was on second floor and Smith Used Furniture was on the main floor.

In 2011, Smiths chose to operate their used furniture store in less floor space and put the Kriegbaum Building on the market for sale. Ed and Hal Souers, brothers who had grown up in rural Huntington County, bought the building from Smith Furniture. Their initial plan was to simply house their own collection of automobiles and parts inventory, but soon it became apparent that there was an opportunity for others to have a safe and secure place to store their cars, trucks and motorcycles through the off seasons. And so was born only the third business to operate in this 105 year old building: Kriegbaum Building LLC, operating Old Car Storage.

Inside the building of Kriegbaum and Sons in 1926. Asa Kriegbaum, John P. Kriegbaum, Howard Kriegbaum, and Clyde Baker